Fun, laughter and unanimous surprise

On Wednesday May 30th 2012, families, teachers, supervisors and senior...

Young researchers: two Institut Curie PhD students were rewarded

Congratulations to the 3rd year PhD students Thomas Auer and Sophie...

Elphège Nora receives the AXA – Académie des Sciences award

Elphège Nora received an award for his thesis and post-doctoral work on...

Research apprentices: experience the life of a scientist for five months

From January to May 2013, 10 pairs each made up of a high school sophomore...

Sophie Herszterg: Study and train at Institut Curie... And obtain your PhD

Sophie Herszterg, from Brazil, conducted her thesis work in biology in...
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Training at the Institut Curie

Training is one of the main missions of the Institut Curie.

Training at the Institut Curie
© Pedro Lombardi / Institut Curie

The Institut Curie prioritizes training, which helps advance research and medicine by actively integrating new knowledge acquired nationally and internationally. The dissemination of knowledge is necessary to keep society informed and to help it commit to progress and innovation.


Cellule Enseignement

Genetic Instability and Cancer - 2014

March 31 to April 4, 2014

The aim of this course is to describe the current knowledges in the fields of DNA replication, repair and recombination and its consequences in genetic instability and cancer.


6th Course of in vivo Preclinical Assays in Cancer Therapy

May 21-23, 2014

The 6th European Course of in vivo Preclinical Assays in Cancer Therapy is an extensive training program designed to educate and update the biomedical research community on current trends and technological advances in in vivo preclinical assays in cancer.