Siric job positions: call for Translational Research Team Leaders

The Institut Curie is seeking to recruit outstanding physician-scientists...

Open position: Operations Manager for advanced technologies and core facilities

In order to promote and further develop cutting edge technologies to...

Dialogue at the heart of cell social networks

When a biologist meets a physician, the communication taking place inside...
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Institut Curie conducts research in order to:

  • Understand the mechanisms of cancer development
  • Facilitate the transition from basic research to clinical application
  • Develop innovative therapeutic and diagnostic techniques

Biologists, chemists, physicists, and computer scientists: our multidisciplinary teams have made the Institut Curie Research Centre a leader in cancer studies in Europe. Its teams are divided into 14 research units that work closely with the CNRS, Inserm, and various universities (Paris Sciences et Lettres, Paris-Descartes, Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris Sud, and more).

Our research is organized according to 4 priorities:

  • An innovative, interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment
  • Developing highly technical platforms
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Training


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