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Other ways to get involved

In addition to monetary donations, you can also give your time and energy to Institut Curie. Learn how you can get involved in our work, either through specific projects or a long-term commitment.

Une Jonquille pour Curie

Every spring, daffodils are among the very first flowers to appear, and they must fight the end of winter to survive. These flowers are the universal symbol of the fight against cancer, and they also become the emblem of Institut Curie during its one-week awareness raising campaign in March, “Une Jonquille pour Curie.”

» Learn more about Une Jonquille pour Curie (in French)

Les Défis d’Amélie pour Curie

Amélie Mauresmo has been a sponsor of Institut Curie since 2005. In 2012, she launched Les Défis d’Amélie, a series of challenges designed to raise money for the institute. Join us in meeting her challenges and helping us advance the state of research.

» Find out more about Les Défis d’Amélie pour Curie (in French)

Take up a collection for Curie: fundraising initiatives

There are many associations and individuals across France who generously support Institut Curie by organizing runs, concerts, exhibits, sales, dinners, plays, and more.

» Find out more about fundraising initiatives (in French)

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