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Ingénieur de Recherche H/F

Type d'offre

Lieu :

Institut curie Centre de Recherche - Paris 5ème

Type d'offre : CDD
Structure de rattachement :
Unité : Unité 830

A Research Engineer position (IR2) is open in our group (Jacques Camonis Team, U830 INSERM, Institut Curie, Paris) on a project (“Hippocure” Project) granted by ANR (National Agency for Rsearch)  in collaboration with the INVENTIVA biotech Company. This project aims to test new inhibitors of YAP-TEAD interaction for lung cancer treatment, and will be developed under the scientific supervision of Prof. G. Zalcman, M.D. Ph.D.

We previously showed that inactivation of the tumour-suppressor gene RASSF1A in lung cancer led to activation of YAP, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and increased cell migration and invasion. INVENTIVA has developed new chemical compounds impairing YAP interaction with TEAD transcription factors, YAP-TEAD complexes regulating mRNA expression of genes involved in EMT, cell migration and invasion.  The recruited engineer will have to test the efficacy of such compounds for inhibiting cell migration and cell invasion in several lung cancer cell models harbouring activated YAP, i.e. cell lines with RASSF1A gene methylation, or cell lines with siRNA-mediated RASSF1A depletion. We will take advantage of a new system of cell culture on microfluidic chips developed in our lab, to appreciate the impacts of such pharmacological compounds on the cross-talk of different cell types (lung cancer cells, cancer-associated fibroblasts and immune cells that are forced to cohabit in such devices –mimicking tumours and their environment  (“tumour-on-a-chip”)


We seek a highly motivated candidate with a cell biology background, a PhD degree and  experience in cell culture and video-microscopy.


Net salary will be approximately between 2000 and 2500 € (according to experience)/month for 30 months. Work shall start this spring.



The candidate will develop this project at Institut Curie, which is located in the heart of Paris, and will qualify for all social/health benefits of Curie employees.


Candidates should send application (CV, motivation letter, 2-3 recommendation contacts) both to and

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Date de clôture : 30.04.2017