Séminaire Physico-Chimie
18 mai

Dynamic remodelling of the microtubule cytoskeleton throughout mitosis

Le 18 mai - 11h-12h
Centre de recherche - Paris - Amphithéâtre Marie Curie
Pavillon Curie, 11 rue Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris 5ème

As the nuclear envelop breaks down, microtubules and motors self-assemble into the mitotic spindle, a dynamic structure essential to congress and biorient chromosomes before partitioning of sister chromatids to the daughter cells in anaphase. Microtubules are dynamically reorganized and regulated throughout mitosis to ensure faithful chromosome segregation. Mitotic kinase activity is also key to provide spatial resolution and temporal progression of events through mitosis. How the collective behavior of microtubules and motors results in assembly of the spindle is emerging. However the regulatory mechanisms that allow the rapid transitions in microtubule organization and chromosome segregation coupling, remain open questions. I will present our work on the molecular mechanism of motor complexes in regulating microtubule length and spindle positioning, and in moving chromosomes. Changes in motor phosphorylation state control motors interactions and function to enable the timely progression through cell division. These results reveals that the dynamic regulation of protein interactions is critical to provide coupled progression of cytoskeleton organization and chromosome segregation with high spatial and temporal resolution.

At Amphi Curie and on TEAMS

University of Edinburgh, Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology
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