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Biologie moléculaire
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I am a molecular biologist curious about the remarkable plasticity of the epigenome. In my research I am trying to understand the role of H3 histone variants as well as histone modifications in cell fate maintanence. By asking mechanistic and functional questions in the basic research framework, I aim to advance our understanding of how chromatin changes can contribute to both the normal and disease-linked establishment of cell identity. I completed my bachelor and Masters at the University of Warsaw. During that time I obtained a scholarship with Fulbright Visiting Research Graduate Traineeship Program and spend over a year studying RNA biochemistry at the University of Chicago, USA. For my PhD I joined team of Florian Steiner at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where my journey with chromatin and histone variants began. Currently, I am an EMBO Postdoctoral Reseracher in the team of Genevieve Almouzni in the Nuclear Dynamics Unit of Institut Curie in Paris, France.