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Décodage des circuits génétiques pour le temps du développement

Skin stem cells lineage and heterochronic gene network
Figure 14: Hypodermal stem cell fate progression is controlled by a defined GRN, combining pulsatile gene
expression dynamics and temporal gradients.

(A) Hypodermal stem cell development in the C. elegans larva. Temporal cell fates are characterized by stereotypic cell division
patterns. (B) Schematic representation of L2 and L3 stem cell fate transitions. Besides canonical miRNA and miRNA target interactions, our previous work establishes lin-42 and blmp-1 as a “gain knobs”, tuning miRNA transcriptional output as function of nutrient availability and, potentially, temperature. (C) Temporal dynamics of GRN components of miRNA and their targets determining L2 and L3 fate specification.