Chromatin remodeling by Pol II primes efficient Pol III transcription

Nom de la revue
Nature Communications
Carlo Yague-Sanz, Valérie Migeot, Marc Larochelle, François Bachand, Maxime Wéry, Antonin Morillon, Damien Hermand

AbstractThe packaging of the genetic material into chromatin imposes the remodeling of this barrier to allow efficient transcription. RNA polymerase II activity is coupled with several histone modification complexes that enforce remodeling. How RNA polymerase III (Pol III) counteracts the inhibitory effect of chromatin is unknown. We report here a mechanism where RNA Polymerase II (Pol II) transcription is required to prime and maintain nucleosome depletion at Pol III loci and contributes to efficient Pol III recruitment upon re-initiation of growth from stationary phase in Fission yeast. The Pcr1 transcription factor participates in the recruitment of Pol II, which affects local histone occupancy through the associated SAGA complex and a Pol II phospho-S2 CTD / Mst2 pathway. These data expand the central role of Pol II in gene expression beyond mRNA synthesis.