Extracellular vesicles from triple negative breast cancer promote pro-inflammatory macrophages associated with better clinical outcome

Nom de la revue
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Mercedes Tkach, Jessie Thalmensi, Eleonora Timperi, Paul Gueguen, Nathalie Névo, Eleonora Grisard, Philemon Sirven, Federico Cocozza, Alizée Gouronnec, Lorena Martin-Jaular, Mabel Jouve, Fabien Delisle, Nicolas Manel, Derek C. Rookhuizen, Coralie L. Guerin, Vassili Soumelis, Emanuela Romano, Elodie Segura, Clotilde Théry

Our work uncovers mechanisms by which tumor cells impact tumor-associated macrophages in human triple-negative breast cancer. Via extracellular vesicles (EVs), these tumors promote macrophages with proinflammatory features, correlated with better clinical outcome. Our results suggest exploration of these EVs as tools, alone, or in combination with other therapies, to promote a favorable environment for the generation of anti-tumor immune responses.