Kinesin-6 regulates cell-size-dependent spindle elongation velocity to keep mitosis duration constant in fission yeast

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Lara Katharina Krüger, Jérémie-Luc Sanchez, Anne Paoletti, Phong Thanh Tran

The length of the mitotic spindle scales with cell size in a wide range of organisms during embryonic development. Interestingly, in C. elegans embryos, this goes along with temporal regulation: larger cells speed up spindle assembly and elongation. We demonstrate that, similarly in fission yeast, spindle length and spindle dynamics adjust to cell size, which allows to keep mitosis duration constant. Since prolongation of mitosis was shown to affect cell viability, this may resemble a mechanism to regulate mitosis duration. We further reveal how the velocity of spindle elongation is regulated: coupled to cell size, the amount of kinesin-6 Klp9 molecules increases, resulting in an acceleration of spindle elongation in anaphase B. In addition, the number of Klp9 binding sites to microtubules increases overproportionally to Klp9 molecules, suggesting that molecular crowding inversely correlates to cell size and might have an impact on spindle elongation velocity control.