Full assembly of HIV-1 particles requires assistance of the membrane curvature factor IRSp53

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Kaushik Inamdar, Feng-Ching Tsai, Rayane Dibsy, Aurore de Poret, John Manzi, Peggy Merida, Remi Muller, Pekka Lappalainen, Philippe Roingeard, Johnson Mak, Patricia Bassereau, Cyril Favard, Delphine Muriaux

During HIV-1 particle formation, the requisite plasma membrane curvature is thought to be solely driven by the retroviral Gag protein. Here, we reveal that the cellular I-BAR protein IRSp53 is required for the progression of HIV-1 membrane curvature to complete particle assembly. siRNA-mediated knockdown of IRSp53 gene expression induces a decrease in viral particle production and a viral bud arrest at half completion. Single-molecule localization microscopy at the cell plasma membrane shows a preferential localization of IRSp53 around HIV-1 Gag assembly sites. In addition, we observe the presence of IRSp53 in purified HIV-1 particles. Finally, HIV-1 Gag protein preferentially localizes to curved membranes induced by IRSp53 I-BAR domain on giant unilamellar vesicles. Overall, our data reveal a strong interplay between IRSp53 I-BAR and Gag at membranes during virus assembly. This highlights IRSp53 as a crucial host factor in HIV-1 membrane curvature and its requirement for full HIV-1 particle assembly.