Systematic Identification of Post-Transcriptional Regulatory Modules

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Matvei Khoroshkin, Andrey Buyan, Martin Dodel, Albertas Navickas, Johnny Yu, Fathima Trejo, Anthony Doty, Rithvik Baratam, Shaopu Zhou, Tanvi Joshi, Kristle Garcia, Benedict Choi, Sohit Miglani, Vishvak Subramanyam, Hailey Modi, Daniel Markett, M. Ryan Corces, Ivan V. Kulakovskiy, Faraz Mardakheh, Hani Goodarzi

ABSTRACTIn our cells, a limited number of RNA binding proteins (RBPs) are responsible for all aspects of RNA metabolism across the entire transcriptome. To accomplish this, RBPs form regulatory units that act on specific target regulons. However, the landscape of RBP combinatorial interactions remains poorly explored. Here, we performed a systematic annotation of RBP combinatorial interactions via multimodal data integration. We built a large-scale map of RBP protein neighborhoods by generatingin vivoproximity-dependent biotinylation datasets of 50 human RBPs. In parallel, we used CRISPR interference with single-cell readout to capture transcriptomic changes upon RBP knockdowns. By combining these physical and functional interaction readouts, along with the atlas of RBP mRNA targets from eCLIP assays, we generated an integrated map of functional RBP interactions. We then used this map to match RBPs to their context-specific functions and validated the predicted functions biochemically for four RBPs. This study highlights the previously underappreciated scale of the inter-RBP interactions, be it genetic or physical, and is a first step towards a more comprehensive understanding of post-transcriptional regulatory processes and their underlying molecular grammar.