VAMP: Visualization and analysis of array-CGH, transcriptome and other molecular profiles

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P. L. Rosa, E. Viara, P. Hupe, G. Pierron, S. Liva, P. Neuvial, I. Brito, S. Lair, N. Servant, N. Robine, E. Manie, C. Brennetot, I. Janoueix-Lerosey, V. Raynal, N. Gruel, C. Rouveirol, N. Stransky, M.-H. Stern, O. Delattre, A. Aurias, F. Radvanyi, E. Barillot

Motivation: Microarray-based CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridization), transcriptome arrays and other large-scale genomic technologies are now routinely used to generate a vast amount of genomic profiles. Exploratory analysis of this data is crucial in helping to understand the data and to help form biological hypotheses. This step requires visualization of the data in a meaningful way to visualize the results and to perform first level analyses.
Results: We have developed a graphical user interface for visualization and first level analysis of molecular profiles. It is currently in use at the Institut Curie for cancer research projects involving CGH arrays, transcriptome arrays, SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) arrays, loss of heterozygosity results (LOH), and Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitation arrays (ChIP chips). The interface offers the possibility of studying these different types of information in a consistent way. Several views are proposed, such as the classical CGH karyotype view or genome-wide multi-tumor comparison. Many functionalities for analyzing CGH data are provided by the interface, including looking for recurrent regions of alterations, confrontation to transcriptome data or clinical information, and clustering. Our tool consists of PHP scripts and of an applet written in Java. It can be run on public datasets at
Availability: The VAMP software (Visualization and Analysis of array-CGH,transcriptome and other Molecular Profiles) is available upon request. It can be tested on public datasets at . The documentation is available at